DRIVE is here to help our communities flourish by supporting giving drives in our communities.

Each year, Rebekah Children's Services hosts a toy drive for local children and in recent years this has grown to become a big part of our mission to build pathways to hope, happiness, and well-being. In 2014, it grew enough that we needed a way to organize the collection and promotion of the children's wishes and so the journey to DRIVE began.

We have created DRIVE to help us organize and promote our giving drives, including the annual toy drive. It allows us to collect the wishes and needs from the children and families we serve and promote them to potential donors who can pledge to provide them.

DRIVE is currently in a private beta, however anyone may create an account and support any of the campaigns published during the beta.

Rebekah Children's Services is an accredited non-profit based in California providing mental health, education, foster care, adoption, prevention, and resourcing services for children and families. To learn more about our services and opportunities to get involved, please check out our website.